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Baclon should b usd with caution wh spasticity is utilizd tsustain upight postu and balanc in locomotion whnv spasticity is utilizd tobtain incasd unction. In patints with pilpsy, th clinical stat and lctoncphalogam should b monitod at gula intvals, sinc dtioation in sizu contol and G hav bn potd occasionally in patints taking baclon.

Baclon is usd ttat muscl spasms. It may b usd as pat a combination thapy. This mans you may nd ttak it with oth mdications.

Baclon is usd ttat muscl spasms. It may b usd as pat a combination thapy. This mans you may nd ttak it with oth mdications.

Popl with pilpsy: Talk tyou doctabout whth this dug is sa you. Baclon may mak you sizu contol wos.

Abupt Dug Withdawal: Hallucinations and sizus hav occud on abupt withdawal baclon. Tho, xcpt sious advs actions, th dos should b ducd slowly whn th dug is discontinud. Impaid nal unction: Bcaus baclon is pimaily xctd unchangd though th kidnys, it should b givn with caution, and it may b ncssay tduc th dosag. Stok: Baclon has not signiicantly bnitd patints with stok. Ths patints hav alsshown potolability tth dug. Pgnancy: Baclon has bn shown tincas th incidnc omphalocls (vntal hnias) in tuss ats givn appoximatly 13 tims th maximum dos commndd human us, at a dos which causd signiicant ductions in ood intak and wight gain in dams. This abnomality was not sn in mic abbits.

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