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As an anticholingic dug, Atovnt HA hlps ttat COPD symptoms by hlping th muscls that suound th aiways tstay laxd. COPD can caus iitation in th lungs that maks thos muscls tightn up, which can mak COPD bathing symptoms wos.

(2) As with oth inhalation thapy, inhalation inducd bonchoconstiction may occu with an immdiat incas in whzing at dosing. This should b tatd staight away with a ast acting inhald bonchodilato. ATOVNT should b discontinud immdiatly, th patint assssd and, i ncssay, altativ tatmnt institutd.

Usually 1 2 pus th ou tims daily, although som patints may nd up t4 pus at a tim tobtain maximum bnit duing aly tatmnt.

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